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Xtianity on the move

February 15th, 2012 · 4 Comments

Christian Jihad is the wrong title here: this was Israelite Jihad, but the point is clear, and devastating. The saddest thing here is that the ‘genocidal’ stories, e.g. Joshua invading Canaan, never even happened and are inventions of later propagandists. But the net effect is real, and dangerous, and invokes a conception of divinity that all parties should abandon, in the process moving toward a streamlined Xtianity for the 21st century. The Old Testament legacy is toxic, and is creating much of the strife in the senseless wreckage called Israel where the confusion extends to the inability to define universal citizenship.

A streamlined Xtianity could be the easiest, and most natural entity, profound, yet lightweight, and well beyond the anchoring to Axial Age revelation mythology. There ‘faith’ will yield to ‘god’ contemplations, or silence, or a new form of semi-atheims, or dialectical sublations like Hegelian ‘spirit’, or even a sense of the ‘void’. But the concept and myth of a personal god like the wrathful Jehovah and the rest of it is a liability for the Xtian legacy, and its future. Bibilical archaeology has undermined the Old Testament, and in the process produced something better! The specacle of religion creation in the evolutonary Axial period.
Best to be on the move with some radical revinvention. One problem is that such reinvention will be wrongly influenced by the pressure of such as the new atheists. But the point is as much to reconceive spirituality afresh. That’s a lot to hope for from those whose understanding has been vitiated by the pop theism of the Old and even New Testament (and the New Testaments other mythical inventions). But note that the New Testament tried to upgrade the old. Play it again, Sam. A new age of religion should radically upgrade the whole Biblical legacy. Easy to do badly, let me note. That requires a religious genius beyond Luther, able to handle Kant, Hegel, and Schopenhauer (and Marx) in their ‘Reformation’, and able to find sustenance in the core buddhist legacy. Note that by a technicality Xtianity is branch of Buddhis Mahayana, as the two came into existence with precise syncrhony. The current religion is not sustainable. Time will not wait on Xtians who wish to remain frozen in the religious format created by the Bishops of the late Roman Empire.

A fist step might be to see the context of the Old Testament core history in the Axial Age and to create a framework that looks at the whole phenomenon in its diversity, and to create a meta-religon for a secular age, in which theism/atheism cease to be the dialectic quagmire as current, and energy is directed to the realization of human self-consciousness.

In any case, the current forms of Xtianity and Buddhism (and Judaism will fade away without Xtianity) are coming to the end of their ancient forms, and unless their members will acquiesce is what the new atheist thuggery has in store for them they need to do some hard thinking about where they stand.

Your move. But you are staring down a gun barrel here, so best to ‘repent’ of religious verbiage and infantile thumbsucking religion. The religious landgrab in Israel is the death knell of Judaism, and American Bible Belt ultra reactionary capitalist Xtian cultism is practically a moribund sociological termination in motion. But even so it carries some ideas that a streamlined Xtianity might take note of.

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