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The issue of the Resurrection

February 21st, 2012 · No Comments


I cannot truly answer to this hopeless confusion, because I wasn’t there. These things will fool you. It ir reported by various occultists that it is possible to project an image of a face to be visible at a distance (The Gurdjieff corpus records one instance, dubious?). That kind of thing lurks to undermine skeptical accounts (but these aren’t what the New Testament writers were saying, they turned it into a supermiracle, in second hand accounts). I can’t vouch for that but I mention it because the teachings on the Resurrection are transmitted by people ignorant of what they are talking about. My point is that modern skepticism can’t acknowledge the occult and is as confused as religionists.
In any case this point wasn’t what LZ indicates in his comment about material on this blog: I have frequently made the point that the Resurrection has a simple simple simple possible explanation in the way the disciples, unfamiliar with occult phenomena, suffered a kind of shock with Jesus’ death after which they became receptible to the ‘spirit presence’ of a departed person, Jesus. That, as a matter of fact, is not superstition. Detecting a sense of the presence of a dead guru is testified to over and over in many traditions, e.g. the Indian. You can say that is subjective illusion, etc,… But it is the kind of thing that upon frequenct repetition by uneducated people could rapidly turn into a myth. Sensing the spirit presence of dead people happens all the time in some people. They tend to be silent on this, leaving the fraudulent claims to loudmouths who dramatize in public….

I think Xtianity complicats its religous foundations with this story. It is an invitation to endless confusion, and is a target, not surprisingly, for a hoarde of skeptical humanists.

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