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Non-Darwinian mechanisms of evolution and their authors

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Non-Darwinian mechanisms of evolution and their authors

Author Books/Works Mechanism/theory

Robert Broom Finding the missing link, The coming of man: was it accident or design? Spiritual Agencies, Lamarckism
Soren Lovtrup Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth Saltationism
Fred Hoyle The Intelligent Universe, Mathematics of Evolution Panspermia & evolution directed from space
Periannan Senapathy Independent Birth of Organisms Independent Organism Theory
David Stove Darwinian Fairytales Criticism of natural selection no alternative mechanism given
Graeme Donald Snooks The Collapse of Darwinism : Or The Rise of a Realist Theory of Life Realist theory
Leo Berg Nomogenesis Nomogenesis (directed mass mutations) orthogenesis.
Olan Hyndman The Origin of Life and the Evolution of Living Things Lamarckism, Environmental theory
Michael Denton Evolution: A theory in crisis Non-random evolution theory
Francis Hitching The Neck of the Giraffe: or What Darwin Got Wrong Lamarckism mixed with saltationism, hopeful monster theory
Michael Pitman Adam and Evolution: A Scientific Critique of neo-Darwinism Archetype creationism
Richard Milton The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism Lamarckism
Lee Spetner Not By Chance! Non-random evolution theory, Lamarckism
Richard Goldschmidt The Material Basis of Evolution Hopeful monster theory, saltationism
Norman Macbeth Darwin Retried, also see his work on Rudolf Steiner Saltationism, and in his other works spiritual evolution of Rudolf Steiner
Robert Wesson Beyond Natural Selection Chaos theory
Frank Ryan Darwin’s Blind Spot: Evolution Beyond Natural Selection Co-operation, symbiosis
Lynn Margulis Acquiring Genomes: The theory of the origins of the species symbiosis
Lima-de-Faria Evolution without selection. Form and Function by Autoevolution Autoevolution – evolution with no natural selection
Christian Schwabe The Genomic Potential Hypothesis Independent origin of organisms from chemical pools.
William Fix The Bone Peddlers Psychogenesis, spiritual evolution
James Le Fanu Why Us?: How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves Vitalism, Cosmic force
Edward J. Steele Lamarck’s Signature : How Retrogenes Are Changing Darwin’s Natural Selection Paradigm Lamarckism
Richard Spilsbury Providence Lost: Critique of Darwinism Criticism of natural selection
Arthur Koestler The Case of the Midwife Toad Lamarckism
Amit Goswami Creative Evolution: A Physicist’s Resolution Between Darwinism and Intelligent Design Quantum fields
Rudolf Steiner Occult Science, see also his other books Anthroposophy, Spiritual evolution
Lynne McTaggart The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe Zero point field
Rupert Sheldrake A New Science of Life Morphogenetic field?s, Organicism
Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Consciousness
Gregg Braden The Divine Matrix Cosmic Force
Gordon Rattray Taylor The Great Evolution Mystery Lamarckism, Orthogenesis, masking theory, internal factors
Austin Hobart Clark The New Evolution: Zoogenesis Zoogenesis, independent evolution
David Wilcock The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies Energy source field
I. L. Cohen Darwin was wrong: A study in probabilities Criticism of Darwinism
H. P. Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine Theosophy, Spiritual evolution
Stuart Pivar On the Origin of Form: Evolution by Self-Organization Urform theory
David Swift Evolution Under the microscope Intelligent design
Mae-Wan Ho Beyond Neo-Darwinism Organicism, anti-reductionism
Brian Goodwin How the Leopard Changed Its Spots : The Evolution of Complexity Field theory, structualism
Philip Ball The self-made tapestry. Pattern formation in nature Pattern formation
Hubert Yockey Information theory and molecular biology Information theory
Stuart Kaufmann At Home in the Universe Self-Organization
Stephen Rose Lifelines. Biology, Freedom and Determinism, Lifelines: Life Beyond the Gene Anti-reductionism
Pierre-Paul Grasse Evolution of Living Organisms Lamarckism, Orthogenesis
Robert G. B. Reid Evolutionary Theory: The Unfinished Synthesis, Biological Emergences. Evolution by Natural Experiment Compilation of anti-Darwinian mechanisms
Richard A. Watson Compositional Evolution – The Impact of Sex, Symbiosis, and Modularity on the Gradualist Framework of Evolution Anti-gradualism
Paul S. Moorhead Mathematical Challenges to the Neo-Darwinian Interpretation of Evolution Rejection of Darwinism
James A. Shapiro Evolution: A View from the 21st Century Information/Systems theory
Denis Noble The Music of Life: Biology Beyond Genes Anti-reductionism
Lee Alan Dugatkin The Imitation Factor: Evolution Beyond The Gene Imitation theory
Stephen Rothman The Life Beyond Molecules and Genes: How Our Adaptations Make Us Alive Anti-reductionism
Ernst Michael Kranich Thinking Beyond Darwin: The Idea of the Type As a Key to Vertebrate Evolution Anthroposophy, Goethean Science, Orthogenesis
Gerd Muller et al. Origination of Organismal Form: Beyond the Gene in Developmental and Evolutionary Biology Self-Organization
David Ray Griffin Evolution Without Tears; A Third Way Beyond neo-Darwinism and Intelligent Design Process philosophy
Elisabet Sahtouris, Willis Harman Biology Revisioned Holism
Jan Sapp Evolution by Association Symbiosis
Boris Mikhaylovich Kozo-Polyansky Symbiogenesis: A New Principle of Evolution Symbiosis
James Gardner Biocosm: The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life Is the Architect of the Universe Biocosm Hypothesis
Johnjoe McFadden Quantum Evolution: How Physics’ Weirdest Theory Explains Life’s Biggest Mystery Quantum evolution
Fritjof Capra The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems Living Systems Theory
Ludwig von Bertalanffy Various publications General systems approach
Henri Bortoft The Wholeness of Nature : Goethe’s Way Toward a Science of Conscious Participation in Nature Goethean Science
Adrian Harrison Arvin LifeConscious: An Alternative Theory to Evolution and Creationism Lifeconscious theory
Henri Bergson Creative Evolution Vitalism
Carl Johan Calleman The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life Directed evolution
Michael Cremo Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory Devolution
G. de Purucker Man in Evolution Theosophy, Spiritual evolution
L. F. C. Mees Secrets of the Skeleton: Form in Metamorphosis Anthroposophy, Goethean Science, spiritual evolution
W. T. S. Thackara Evolution and Creation: A Theosophic Synthesis Theosophy, Spiritual evolution
Henry T. Edge Design and Purpose : A Study in the Drama of Evolution Theosophy, Spiritual evolution
Henry Fairfield Osborn Aristogenesis, the creative principle in the origin of species Aristogenesis
Charles Dixon Evolution Without Natural Selection: Or, the Segregation of Species Without the Aid of the Darwinian Hypothesis Evolution without natural selection
J.C. McKerrow Evolution Without Natural Selection Lists examples where evolution occurs without natural selection
Charles Otis Whitman Orthogenetic evolution in pigeons Orthogenesis
Theodor Eimer Organic Evolution as the Result of the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics According to the Laws of Organic Growth Lamarckism, Orthogenesis
Frederic Wood Jones The Ancestry Of Man, Design and Purpose Lamarckism, directed evolution
Charles Benedict Davenport Evolution without mutation Lists examples where evolution occurs without mutation
Simon Powell, Dorion Sagan Darwins Unfinished Business: The Self-Organizing Intelligence of Nature Self-Organization
Leonard Richmond Wheeler Vitalism: Its history and Validity, Harmony of Nature Vitalism, co-operation
Hans Dreisch The history and theory of vitalism Vitalism, entelechy
J. H. Woodger Biological principles Organicism, Holism
Alister Hardy The Living Stream Telepathy
John Scott Haldane Mechanism, life and personality Organicism
Jan Smuts Holism and Evolution Holism
Johannes Reinke Kritik der Abstammungslehre neovitalism
Oscar Hertwig The Origin of Organisms – a Refutation of Darwin’s Theory of Chance Nonrandom evolution
Alfred Russell Wallace The world of life Spiritual evolution
Guy Coburn Robson, Owain Richards The Variation of Animals in Nature Rejection of natural selection
Jerry Fodor, Massimo palmarini What Darwin Got Wrong Criticism of natural selection
Suzan Mazur The Altenberg 16: An Exposé of the Evolution Industry Compilation of non-Darwinian theories
Rhawn Joseph Astrobiology, the Origin of Life, and the Death of Darwinism Panspermia
John Avery Information theory and evolution Information theory
Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe Evolution from space Panspermia & evolution directed from space
Carl Becker A Modern Theory of Evolution ?
Thomas Goudge The ascent of life;: A philosophical study of the theory of evolution Noosphere
Vladimir Vernadsky The Biosphere Holism
Peter Corning The Synergism Hypothesis: A Theory of Progressive Evolution Synergism Hypothesis
Arthur Keith A new theory of human evolution Parallel evolution
Elymer J. Murphy Beyond Darwin: An alternative to the theory of evolution ?
Ralph Stayner Lillie General Biology and philosophy of organism Organicism
Viggo Cauling The Collective Spirit: An Idealistic theory of Evolution Idealism
Ernest Lester Smith Intelligence Came First Directed evolution
Herbert F. Standing Spirit in Evolution Spiritual evolution
Hilbert Siegler Evolution or degeneration which? Devolution
Brian Leith The Descent of Darwin: A Handbook of Doubts about Darwinism Compilation of anti-Darwinian writers
Edward Goldsmith The Way: An Ecological World-View Holism
Arthur Koestler and J. R. Smythies Beyond Reductionism New Perspectives In The Life Sciences Anti-reductionism
Ronald Campbell Macfie Heredity, Evolution, and Vitalism Vitalism
Tom Lethbridge The Monkey’s Tail: A study in evolution and parapsychology PSI, directed evolution
John Philip Cohane Paradox: The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Man Extraterrestrial intervention
Jeremey Rifkin Algeny: a New World: a Provocative Critique of Darwinism Rejection of Darwinism
Robert Lanza Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe Biocentrism hypothesis
Dorothy Allford Instant creation–not evolution Creationism
Michael Denton Nature’s Destiny Directed evolution
Walter Remine The Biotic Message Message theory
Mark Ludwig Computer Viruses, Artificial Life And Evolution: What Computer Viruses Can Teach Us About Life Intelligent design
Francis Crick Life Itself Directed panspermia
Lloyd Pye Everything You Know is Wrong: Bk. 1: Human Origins (Human Origins, Book 1) Extraterrestrial intervention
Joseph Farrell Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men Extraterrestrial intervention
Charles Birch The Liberation of Life: From the Cell to the Community Process Philosophy
Edward Drinker Cope The Primary Factors of Organic Evolution Lamarckism
Hermann Klaatsch The evolution and progress of mankind Lamarckism, Polygenism
Huston Smith Various publications Traditionalism, rejection of Darwinism
Samuel Aun Weor Gnostic Anthropology Spiritual evolution, devolution
Max Heindel The Rosicrucian Cosmo-conception Spiritual evolution
Douglas Baker Anthropogony: The Esoteric Origin of Man Spiritual evolution
Giuseppe Sermonti Why a Fly is Not a Horse? Rejection of Darwinism
Otto Binder and Max Flindt Mankind Child of the Stars Extraterrestrial intervention
Björn Kurtén Not from the Apes: A History of Man’s Origin and Evolution Parallel evolution
Jeffrey Goodman The Genesis Mystery a Starling New Theory of Outside Intervention in the Development of Modern Man Spiritual evolution
Friedrich Salomon Rothschild Creation and Evolution: A Biosemiotic Approach Semiotic Biology
Claus Emmeche, Kalevi Kull Towards a Semiotic Biology: Life is the Action of Signs Semiotic Biology
William Fix Star maps: astonishing new evidence from ancient civilisations and modern scientific research of man’s origins and return to the stars Spiritual evolution
G. A. Kerkut Implications of Evolution Rejection of Darwinism
Robert Shapiro Origins; A Skeptic’s Guide to the Creation of Life on Earth ?
Luther Sunderland Darwin’s Enigma; Fossils and Other Problems Rejection of Darwinism
John Willis The Course of Evolution Rejection of Darwinism
Thurman Duane How to think about evolution ?
Rene Gallant Bombarded Earth Catastrophism
Henry Drummond Natural Law in the spiritual world, The Ascent of Man Theistic evolution, symbiosis
Wilhelm Troll Various publications Idealistic Morphology
Franz Heikertinger Die Coccinelliden, ihr “Ekelblut”, ihre Warntracht und ihre Feinde”, Biologischen Zentralblatt Rejection of natural selection
Samuel Butler Various publications Lamarckism
William Bateson Materials for the study of variation Mutation theory
Adolf Portmann Animal Forms and Patterns: A Study of the Appearance of Animals Goethean Science
E. W. Macbride Text-book of embryology Lamarckism
Léon Croizat Panbiogeography, Space, time, form: The Biological Synthesis Panbiogeography, Orthogenesis
D’Arcy Thompson On Growth and Form Structuralism
Douglas Dewar
The Transformist Illusion Criticism of Darwinism
H. Graham Cannon The Evolution of Living Things Lamarckism
Daniele Rosa Ologenesi; Nuova Teoria dell’Evoluzione e della Distribuzione Geografica dei Viventi Hologenesis
Sri Aurobindo The Life Divine Spiritual evolution
Trofim Lysenko Various publications Lysenkoism
Edward Haskell Full Circle — The Moral Force of Unified Science ?
Ken Wilber Various publications Integral Theory
Erich Jantsch The Self-organizing Universe Self-Organization
Peter M. Kappeler et al. Cooperation in Primates and Humans: Mechanisms and Evolution Cooperation
Lee Dugatkin Cheating Monkeys and Citizen Bees: The Nature of Cooperation in Animals and Humans Cooperation
Przibram Théorie apogénétique de l’évolution des organisms, Revue générale des Sciences pures et appliqués 40: 293–299. apogenesis
Labbe Le conflict transformist. Libraire Félix Alcan, Paris: 1–201. allelogenesis
Otto Schindewolf Basic questions in paleontology typostrophism
Thomas Hunt Morgan Evolution and Adaptation Mutation theory
Hugo De Vries The Mutation Theory Mutation theory
Wolsky The Mechanism of Evolution
Lancelot Law Whyte Internal factors in evolution Internal factors, internal selection
E. S. Russell
Form and Function

Teilhard de Chardin
The Phenomenon of Man Omega point, Noosphere, Spiritual evolution

Elaine Morgan The Aquatic Ape Aquatic ape hypothesis
David Holbrook Evolution and the humanities Criticism of Darwinism
J. Odling-Smee Niche construction. The neglected process in evolution Niche construction
Gabriel Dover Dear Mr Darwin. Letters on the Evolution of Life and Human Nature Molecular Drive
Wallace Arthur Biased Embryos and Evolution Criticism of Darwinism

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