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Existence not a predicate of ‘god’

February 25th, 2012 · 1 Comment


Richard Dawkins: I’m ‘6.9 out 7’ sure that God does not exist
Speaking at a debate at Oxford University with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the man regarded as the world’s most famous atheist admits that he cannot be certain that God does not exist.

This statement brings home the absurdity of the whole false debate. I think that ‘existence’, as noted here repeatedly, can’t be a predicate of ‘god’ is that ‘god’ created ‘existence’. Thus ‘god’ must precede ‘existence’, as ‘being’ in some unknown framework. The whole debate therefore over the ‘existence’ of god would be about an entity inside nature that acts as a divinity. This entity, often called the ‘demiurge’, since Plato, would actually exist. But that is not what is being debated. There is no way to achieve knowledge here, so Dawkins is talking through his hat in equal and opposite measures to that of theologians.

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