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Infiltration, and covert action from Intelligence agencies

February 25th, 2012 · No Comments


In Part II of this series, we will focus on the history of government infiltration and the destruction of political movements and political leaders. We will also examine steps that can be taken to minimize the damage from these tactics. One thing evident from the history: Infiltration has been common in political movements for centuries as have divisive methods, attacks on leaders, escalation of tactics, fights over money and misinformation disseminated to the public.

This comes at the end of an important article on infiltrations in the Occupy movement. One of the first posts on this blog on the Occupy groups last fall was about the danger of covert action in these movements. That is different from right-wing manipulations or hi-jinks. The deeper danger is of governmental impostors planting themselves invisibly in the movement. And the legacy of this type of covert action requires some kind of intelligent awareness of the multiple conspiracies, from the JFK assassination to 9/11. Anything less is not credible at this point. But, unfortunately, this kind of thinking is taboo on the left. Nonetheless, I think change is on the way, and, more specifically, the many charges of covert infiltration of the Weatherman by governmental agents who tried to destroy the New Left with violent tactics.

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