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You can’t graft darwinism onto buddhism/Is it time to abandon buddhism?

February 27th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Buddhism, Cosmology and Evolution

This mostly Buddhist blah/blah on evoluition, with a useless quote from the Dalai Lama, and Charles Darwin.
These articles are useless because they try to cover over problems: I suspect we are getting a Buddhist kowtow to Darwinism, and that’s not good enough. And we don’t need claims that Buddhism anticipated quantum electrodynamics.
The question of Darwinism is crucial, but Buddhists are going to stumble, and adopt the strategy of Collins, et al, who wish to graft reductionism evolutionism onto Buddhism, in the way he grafts Xtianity onto Darwinism, in a political deal that keeps the populace stupid.
There is NO grandeur in Darwin’s view, which generates Social Darwinist lunatics with ease. And you can safely flip the bird at that politician, the Dalai Lama, who concocts PR sweets to keep his image safe. He he makes a valid point about ‘materialism’, perhaps, but he is too cagey to take on Darwinism.
This is not leadership. It is cynical Buddhism in action.

Articles like this (and it is reasonable enough on one level) are a warning itis time to ABANDON BUDDHISM, and never look back. You can take it with you, however, in a secret compartent of your travelling hobo bag-brain. Buddhism is being destroyed before our eyes, and it is depressing to watch.
Buddhism is not compatible with Darwinism, and Buddhists trying to sell you this are politicians, like the Dalai Lama.

The correct approach here is to accept the factual record of evolution, but without Darwinism. Then, consider the mystery of man’s complex consciousness and how it could have evolved. We don’t know, and that agnosticism is actually a blessing in disguise.
I think, personally, that the transition from homo erectus to homo sapiens is beyond the power of current science/religion, and it is clear that the Dalai Lama is too politically wishywashy to deal with this issue, while phony gurus like Andrew Cohen with his ‘evolutionary enlightenment’ spiel, are simply too dumbed down to offer answers.

I am restive here, and apologize, but religious leaders are rarely helpful on evolution, and here the Dalai Lama shows he is turning into a crypto-creationist.

Abandon Buddhism, and don’t take any of the leadership seriously. You are on your own in any case, and don’t have to leave behind the classic legacy.
But at the point where the Buddhist politicians crack a deal with Darwinism, you know it’s over when it’s over.

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