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Atheist humanism for sitting ducks

February 29th, 2012 · No Comments

Alain de Botton’s proposals (scroll down for interview) are of interest, but we suggested another approach yesterday: http://darwiniana.com/2012/02/28/alternet-article-on-progressive-xtianity/

The problem with a secular asset stripping of religion is that the result will be dysfunctional, and take out the key zones of religious understanding, too often in the background, unspoken.

A secular humanist version of religion that omits the occult side of religion will be a calamity for its victims who will end in various forms of ‘demonic’ possession (not a easy reference to understand!). Deny that? Great, but don’t inflict a mess of formerly religious pottage on poor secularists humanists who won’t know what hit them.
In all fairness, religionists suffer this kind of problem even with religion.

My point is not to propose beliefs about devils! Rather, the point is that a spiritual realm is real, invisible, and it is useless to negate it.

Yesterday I proposed that the left take up a ‘last-phase-of-Reformation’ renewal of religion as post-religion, in some sense. But the problem is that atheist humanism will create a toxic mess out of the legacies here.
It is important to distinguish debunking superstitions, and false beliefs, from what they represent: a spiritual domain (which I belief to be a part of the natural realm, ‘higher nature’).

The impulse to take from religion simply shows the impoverished state of the cult of atheist humanism (as current).

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