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#OWS: meet the “Ultra Far Left”

March 5th, 2012 · No Comments


I took down the #Occupy banner today (in part because the theme was damaged, and needs to be reinstalled). But the coverage of the Occupy movement will continue, and if anything increase. But in five months of support I haven’t had any contact or support from anyone in the movement, so I get the message: not wanted. I will continue to support OWS in any case, but now with a new view to a future left, an abstractive hyper-radical ‘ultra far left’. This is undefined, but a reminder that the left, at this point, doesn’t really exist.

I changed the format of redfortyeight.com today, as I revert to the old theme of Last and First Men. I haven’t changed my views of OWS, simply realized I am not a part of the movement, and unwelcome, which is a bit sad, but what else is new. My continued support for this group is automatic, but they have to dance to my six shooter a little, from now on. The old left hates me, I hoped for some packs on the back for the OWS, no such luck. I am actually more help on the sidelines here, the reason for my change.

I have often spoken of the ‘Orphans of civilization’ who stand outside everything. So this situation is per normal. You don’t belong to anything, finally. Religion, economic life, social participlation, politics, you are an outsider to all of it. The final joke is that you are unwelcome among buddhists, who know all this, but have become a country club of some kind, those on the path to enlightenment are not welcome.

So, the ‘ultra far left’ is, no kidding, none too funny. That’s left of Karl, et al. No mean feat.

Meanwhile as Occupy comes out of hibernation my coverage and support will remain: I am dealing with my problem, not theirs, perhaps. But I have not had a single communication with an OWS person. So I have to say goodbye. After saying goodbye, we get acquainted all over again, on the Ultra Far Left.

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