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Dumpster diving in Old Testament rubbish….what a treasure trove….

March 6th, 2012 · 2 Comments

From yesterday, notes toward a radical Xtianity: http://darwiniana.com/2012/03/05/time-for-a-far-left-ultra-radical-xtianity/

I am relinking to this post, because, while it was produced on the spot in some haste, it is actually a good pointer to something useful.
I know, leftist Xtianity is counterintuitive these days of the conservative Bible Belt, but that degenerate strain of Xtianity has no real status. Look carefully at history: Xtianity always starts our radically, and then declines into a conservative entity.

I think that a radically new theology is needed, willy nilly, whether we adopt a new Xtianity or not.

My point: my post is almost more useful as something to think about hypothetically, as a gedanken experiment.
Bringing about a new theological discourse, or church, is a tall order and the results with Xtianity in the many Protestant churches is rarely very successful. So may be future Xtianity could repair that and create a useful public philosophy, one designed for a place in the secular, which is not an atheist monopoly.
As I have pointed out, a new theology must absorb, or sublate, atheism into a new ‘synthesis’, so to speak, and to speak in Hegelian jargon. Xtians religous beliefs about god, and the practice of prayer in relation to that is not viable anymore, and is partly responsible for atheist revulsion.

In any case, the formulation I have given, as ultra leftist, will not square with the views of most, but the frozen conservatism of churches needs to be broken if Xtianity is to survive. We are out of time to debate issues of faith in miracles, biblical literalism, and much else. That is not a plea for some reduced and colorless secularization of classic religious texts, but it does suggest that most of what is inherited as tradition is getting worn.
It would be so easy, working alone, to solve all these issues, but the attempt to create a public philosophy must reckon with the still pagan imaginations of most Xtians, all too ready to reduce any theology to primitive myth, god talk and hallucinated theistic actions.

A radical new Xtianity created in the vein of the philsophy period befoe Feuerbach might be one approach.

In any case, the Xtian and Jewish traditions have spoiled their own subject. The real miracle of the Old Testament is buried in a lot of Jehovah fairy tale nonsense. That the now unknown real creators of the tradition began to detect the ‘evolutionary history’, now called the Axial Age should remind us that the core text is still viable, once wrested from its grotesque primitive context.

It would be easy for a new Xtianity to upgrade this tale for a new future culture, but we can’t expect that to be easy going.
Meanwhile, the Old Testament, to a secular ‘near-atheist’ is full of fascinating treasures, like dumpster diving in a rubbish heap.

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  • 1 Ank // Aug 5, 2012 at 12:45 pm


    Removed my comments did you? That’s pathetic, like atheism. Well whatever, I’m done here. Have fun believing in your atheist fairy tale and spontaneous generation which was debunked centuries back.



  • 2 nemo // Aug 6, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Your comments would be fine it they didn’t sound yahoo. And you mistake me completely. We have frequently critqued atheists here.

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