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Standing up to Israeli bullying, and militarism

March 6th, 2012 · No Comments

I feel obligated to say something about the question of Israel. I am sorry if anyone is offended, but given the studied deceptions of politicians, the duty for people like myself is to make very simple statements correcting the imbalance of pubiic communications. No more, no less, and these views may have their own limits.

The question of Israel is ‘out of control’, as pointed out in a post today on the influence of AIPAC on American politics.

Financial Times March 4, 2012
Israel exposed and isolated over Iran threat

I think that this influence on the American government is malevolent, and is contributing to the destruction of American democracy (with a lot of help from monied interests influencing Washington).

I think that we should consider, and I say consider, but out in the open some radical views of the matter:
Modern Israel is a failure, built on a contradiction. The negative influence on the American political system is going to make that another failure, and the prospect of Israel manipulating the USA, finally, into another war in the Middle East crosses the line from intolerable to, …words fail me.
These statements are obvious, in many ways, and can’t therefore be called prejudice.

We can’t easily change Israeli minds, but we can demand Xtians cease and desist from sentimental Biblical verbiage about the Promised Land. As we have seen, Canaan was the stage for an Axial transition, after wich it ceased to have any further meaning, and was dismantled with the coming of Xtianity. That leaves the ominous suggestion that was never any rationale for a new Israel. We can’t change that now, nor can we change the plunder of Indian lands by the American cutpurses. But we can at least be aware of the depredations of the deluded aggressors.

We have noted the remarkable instance of ancient Israel in the Axial Age. But this ended up producing a set of fictions in minds of the Xtians and Jews, that of a Chosen People, a Promised Land, and a covenant with a Jenovistic phantom. Those myths colored the onset of a whole era of monotheisms, but they were always marginal ethnocentric confusions, and liabilities for a universal religion.
Now the modern age threatens to relive all the agonies of the first overcoming of these ethnic religiosities.
It looks like a hopeless situation. But to fundamentalist Xtians we can and must note that modern Israel is not a promised land for Jews, with special rights. The Jews are not a chosen few in relation to a divine action in history: they were, at that time, in the place and sector of transformation, leading to that misunderstanding. That the conquest of Canaan never happened, and its ethnocentric genocides are a dangerous mythology, etc… These myths are dangerous, and are going to create a calamity.

It is too late to explain this to madmen, and I fear the whole thing will end badly. But at least we can try to extricate the American government from hidden influences trying to make it fight the wars of a malformed and lopsided state formations. Meanwhile the whole question of nuclear Israel trying to police the nuclear industry of Iran is grotesque, and producing a result opposite to what is intended. I can hardly understand how such a repeated and endless torment of the Iranians by the malevolent claques in
Israel should gain so much (cowardly) tolerance in the kowtowing Americans.
What a baffling situation, one even the New Atheists are too scared to discuss.
In any case, the danger of war from Iran, and the militarism of Israel imposed on others, is a cancer in the Middle East. And we must confront the Israel bullies of AIPAC with some demands for sanity….

I make no inflammatory suggestions for geopolitical revenge against either Israeli or American aggressors, but I should suggest that the current situation is not viable, and is descending into the grotesque.

In any case, it escapes me completely as to why Iran should be forbidden nuclear weapons while Israel and the United States freely indulge in the power of their possession. All this sanctinomious false indignation is a veil to hide the immoral power games of those who possess those weapons, wishing to cripple and humiliate ad infinitum the Iranian scapegoat. Disarmament has to occur on all sides. Atomic weapons have corrupted Israeli politics, and the result is going to take down the American system with it.

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