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Are Darwinists scientists, or Machiavelllian liars?

June 2nd, 2012 · No Comments

Get a hold of the Introduction to DMR at Dropbox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/75650151/online_selectin-DMR.pdf

The Introduction to DMR is very strong stuff: I don’t expect it to help sales much. I wasn’t expecting otherwise, as such (but you never know), the book is so intriguing to many that it will be another undegrounder, like WHEE. At some point in a few years it will go public domain, maybe…
So far, many are reacting in shock to the ‘in your face style’. One of the slaps in the face is the suggestion that many proponents of Darwinism are so rigid because they are not telling the truth at all. The agenda served by the propaganda is so important in their minds, that their stance on Darwinism becomes outright lying. You have to wonder with many, confronted by the obvious.
The public needs to pass on, and if science can’t help them, they will go outside of science. Let’s face it, for everyone except the science faithful, the problems, and falsification, of Darwinism is a no-brainer. So it gets to be tiresome to constantly deal with this illusion of science, the natural selection myths that keep people like Richard Dawkins in business.

If you study Dawkins’ Climbing Mt. Improbable, you can see the dilemma: is Dawkins simply mentally limited, or is he simply bluffing his way through a deception? The error in his treatment of the computational evolution argument has been exposed over and over again. And yet he won’t budge.
We must suspect that a near Machiavellian justification of deception has taken hold.

It is a dangerous strategy, because the credibility of science is on the wane.

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