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Harris’ strange betrayal of his buddhist study

June 4th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Sam Harris is at it again, and I will bet he is worried: the new atheist momentum is stalling (I think!), and the celebs need fresh publicity, as here. I think Harris is a puzzle: we now know that he spent a lot of time studying buddhism in places like Nepal, and yet he comes home empty-handed and takes his revenge with a view of scientism.
The damage done here to the modern buddhist movement is unforgivable.
Meanwhile new atheists sermonize on religious violence. But the new atheists are planting the seeds of their own religious war.

The great mass murderers of the 20th century as opposed to the great mass murderers of the 11th century were all explicitly motivated by some form of anti-religious ideology that claimed to be inspired by science, no?
No society has ever suffered because everyone got too interested in other people’s points of view.

The great canard against atheism is that atheism is responsible for the crimes of the 20th century. An overwhelming demand for evidence was not responsible for the Nazis.

I have read such statements many times, but they are not convincing. Letting the atheist movements of the 20th century off the hook, while condemning religion, is both unfair, and quite outrageous. Any sensible thinking here would see the fallacy of this kind of attempted exemption.

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