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Better watch out: scientism will make you stupid…// were/are the OT’s fake design arguments intelligently designed?

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The text of DMR also deals with the issue of the evolution of religion, but its treatment is more genral, and takes into account, also, the question of design.
The problem is that the design argument fails for the material of the Old Testament, and that throws everyone out of whack. Those divinities indicated are myths, yes? But the design of the whole game suggests that the fake design argument was itself designer??!!
It is possible, of course, to reinvent the design argument around either a more generalized version of ‘god’ or else a design argment with no theistic connection at all. The fact has to be faced that no known dynamical system can match the strange dynamics of the Axial Age.

The problem is that, as the Axial Age shows, the material to be explained doesn’t fall into any explanation from current science. It is simply too complex, and the hold of Darwinism on the professions shows them to be insufficiently intelligent to deal with the issues.

Better watch out: scientism will make you stupid…

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