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Public intellectuals creating a toxic mess out of religion/evolution of religion

June 14th, 2012 · No Comments

The previous post raises an important point: for all the secular critique of religion, the result is a kind of toxic stew of fallacies, bad theories, and the mumbo-jumbo of the Iron Cage.
Bellah’s book on the Axial Age has to be the canonical case of being locked in the Iron Cage and not being able to grasp anything about the evolution of religion.
The data of the Axial Age is right in front of him, my guide is freely available, but he is too frozen to be able to deal with the issue, and the result is a confusion of bad sociology of religion, and Darwinian errors.
And this is the kind of stuff that will prevail in the paradigm control system at work.

Wade’s book is the same old ‘god gene’ argument in a theme and variations mode. It won’t work.

The Axial Age shows that the evolution of religion is a kind of macro process, and in the next post I will relink to the material online here from WHEE.
Meanwhile, even as humantists celebrate the decline of religion, a really bad substitute is on the way, set to poison a whole culture with its confused goop.

In fairness, the discourse of the Axial Age was botched by its first scholar: Jaspers, and those who follow in his path tend either toward bad sociology of religion or, more common, a kind of religious interpretation of the phenomenon as a ‘generalized age of revelation’. But that leaves the Greek case in a muddle.
My interpretation can help there.

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