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Founded as an Xtian nation??

June 16th, 2012 · No Comments


The Truth About Religion in America: The Founders Loathed Superstition and We Were Never a Christian Nation
The claim that America was founded as a Christian nation — a favorite of Right-wing Christians — is just not true.

The amount of bad scholarship trying to claim America as an Xtian nation has risen alarmingly in recent years, and stemming the tide sometimes seems hopeless, but it is not. As this article makes clear, it is plainly false.
At the same time, the center of gravity of American culture at the time of the Revolution was, indeed, still Xtian.
But the miracle of the eonic effect shows the right context: the beautiful effect of creating a new democracy just on the boundary of a new secularism (with religious components, cultural but not political), and actually bringing it off is something that conservative religious historians are incapable of grasping,

The issue is not that America was founded as an Xtian nation, but that the post-Xtianity that emerges in the wake of the era of Revolution is not very robust, causing multiple comebacks of religion.

Meanwhile our frequent blogging on the issue of a putative Ultra Far Left Xtianity (communist?) has proven frutiful, as a gedanken experiment, but will clearly fail in practice for just reasons this article indicates: the phasing of the Reformation led to its last phases: secular humanism, and the era of Feuerbach. What the left has failed to see is that this is simply a phase of the same Reformation, and that a new and more robust secularism remains to be created. Instead we get scientism, bad Darwinism, social darwinism, leftist confusion of darwinian ideology, facile atheism, and a mix that can’t take the place of religion, thus again feeding its contuinuation. In any case, it is obviously retrograde to mix communism and xtianity, but the actual historical outcome was totally inadequate. Leftists will endlessly deny it, but the Bolshevik world shows all the signs of a degenerated religious culture, destroyed by a worse ideology. The solution is not the restoration of religion but a new and higher form of secular/religious/post-capitalist culture. So, while it is true that America was not founded as an Xtian nation, it is also true that it can’t really seem to extricate itself from retrograde religion, and the realm of cultural atheism isn’t helping, given its extreme ignorance of all religious issues.

We should note in passing that the New Age movement, despite multiple confusions, superstitions, and inanities, frequenly shows the signs of a potential religious future, in simple and obvious ways: study of religious practice, religious history, global aspects of cultural religion, Indian religion, Buddhism, etc, etc…
A very loose background mix of these legacies with a dose of science is all that is needed, but it is beyond the capacity of people trained in the confusing and erroneous canons of reductionist science.

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