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Failure of the Arab Spring?

June 16th, 2012 · No Comments

Published on Saturday, June 16, 2012 by Common Dreams
Egyptians Boycott Elections or Choose Between Islamist or ‘Mubarak Lite’
Egypt’s electoral crisis continues in Egypt today as voters head to polls in the latest round of presidential elections with some voters boycotting the process refusing to take part in what they see as an undemocratic election that leaves them with no real change.

“We didn’t have a revolution to topple a regime that made us live in poverty and didn’t treat us like human beings so we can bring it back,” school teacher Mohammed Mustafa told the Associated Press as he waited to vote in Cairo.

“We lost this country for 30 years, and we are not ready to lose it again,” he added. “I have no doubt there will be fraud. If there is, I will return to the street to win back my dignity because I won’t live as a slave anymore.”

The keynote of the OWS is the Egyptian Arab Spring, and its failure is an ominous moment. But wasn’t this inevitable? And what should the parallel movements such as the OWS conclude?

I think that we must consider the global nature of the emerging movements. Is there a local success possible?
The stakes are global, and the key fact is the failure of market economies, and the insanity of economists, and their economic pseudo-science. Therefore, some form of ‘socialism’ is tabled, by definition, whatever that means.
It has to be faced that this can’t even be mentioned, and the right has done a good job making any solution impossible, a strange insanity, next to the insanity of economists.
The solution must be a value-based probing tactic: like Popper’s ‘piece meal social engineering’, a phrase long captured by market ideologists, but an important idea with a different true meaning in the wake of failed theories. I have no fundmental prejudice against theories, but none exist that are science in the realm of economics. The solution to failed theories of economists must be value-based economic reconstructions, based on prior assumptions, in a ‘republic of ends’. The idea that individuals can be sacrificed for markets is the focal point for the coming revolutionary war for a new globalization, and it will be a long one, the episodes of the Arab Spring, thence the OWS, being but opening phases.
Meanwhile, sitting around waiting for an economic upturn and the rest of the illusion peddling even by liberal economists is simply fogging the basic, quite obvious, and very alarming situation in front of us, one that no market solution can resolve.

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