History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Agendas 1 & 2, darwinism as economic ideology, atheism proven by natural selection????

June 18th, 2012 · No Comments

The problems created by the new atheists begin with the falsehood, promoted ad infinitum by Dawkins, that Darwinism gives support for atheism, and refutes the design argument. This rigid stance has actually
strengthened the ID group, who have exposed it again and again.
Now this confusion is being taken up by physicists, to the detriment of clear physics information.

The question is crudely simple: noone understands how evolution works, so being a fanatic is quite a waste of time….

..But there is another agenda here (beside economic ideology): the attempt to make Darwinian theory
the foundation for atheist humanism, and the excellent legitimation mystique
offered by selectionist theory. But evolutionism is not finally a tie-breaker
on the ‘notorious’ god-question, a degenerate descendant of the original
IHVH question, as if theistic monotheism were a final phase of polytheism.
If atheism and theism will not define ‘god’, debate will be intractable! And
reflect classic antinomies. Atheist humanism in the legacy of Feuerbach
has become a cult of scientism. In any case, we cannot use theology to
settle questions of evolution, and vice versa. The collision of so-called ‘New
Atheists’ and Intelligent Design advocates is a distraction that must be set
aside to focus on the question of evolution in a fresh way.


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