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Note: I am getting ready the next chapter: will post chapter two, three, and some of the conclusion, for now….

Popular post: a lot of people in Islamic countries can’t afford/want to read this book. I need to put the whole thing online…Patience…


I am debating whether to put Descent of Man Revisited online: not for a while, perhaps. In the meantime I am experimenting with various kinds of webpages to deal with the material, hard with its over a hundred images, and massive use of textbxes.
Moral: buy the book! The printed version is hard to put on the web, save in PDF format, but that, in high resolution, is almost 25 megabytes, which most people will refuse to download. There is a low resolution version possible at about five megabytes, but the images begin to look yucky.
The online version, first without the images, maybe to be added later, will give many the chance to consider the argument. I have no funds for press release campaigns, no friends in academia, to put it mildy, and have to survive without any publicity: the slow motion method of WHEE will do it: over ten years, a million page views sor so. An easier book, well, be prepared for a paradigm shift.
In any case, many people greatly enjoyed the online format for WHEE (see history-and-evolution.com) as a useful and fast way to navigate through the book.
A similar format won’t work with DMR, not quite, but something similar is what I am looking for.

Meanwhile: you should buy the book: http://www.amazon.com/Descent-Man-Revisited-World-History/dp/0984702903/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1334320689&sr=1-1

You get very few opportunities for outside commentary on the Darwinian muddle/ideology/delusion. DMR is one of them, and is entering the public domain as a permanent expose of the fallacies of random evolution, and much else. It is NOT true that people with scientific credentials can do this.
No other book can introduce you to the enigma of teleology in action, and the total failure, and I mean total, of science/biology to deal with it.

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