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Updating marxism/sterility of marxist canon

July 6th, 2012 · No Comments

Marx article link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jul/04/the-return-of-marxism
DMR link at dropbox…
The ideology of the left (cf. article today on resurgent Marxism) is stuck in its own tradition, but that can never revive itself in its classic form. Since the classic canon, and its history, allow nothing else, then a lot of hard thinking is needed.
That copies of Marx’s works should be selling well in the wake of 2008 is all well and good, but the result is self-undermining

The left needs a new take on Marx, a new theory of history, and a complete break with Leninism/Stalinism, a realistic commentary on Das Kapital (along with a reminder that Marx was unable to finish his great book) with something that is post-dialectical materialism.
To expect leftists to buy the theory of historical materialism now is hanging up the left. Who cares? Degenerates like Slavoj Zizek are a god-sent to the covert intelligence agencies.
The old theory should be set aside. The whole thing is simple: capitalism is not a law of history, and free men can move beyond it.

My link above shows a useful new take on the dynamics of history, one that could illuminate historical activist movements of modernity and revolution in the context of new type of evolutionary history.
Will the current left look at it? Probably not, the dogmas of historical materialism being near absolute doctrines of faith.
But the ‘macro effect’ in world history is a useful take on the nature of modernity, and revolution.

The core of Marx’s thought is dynamic and alive, but the moment he tried to do theory,the result failed. And he knew that it had failed because he abandoned the completion of the later volumes of Das Kapital.
In the 125 years+ since Vol I appeared the entire left has been unable to complete the task, or even to explain what it says.

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