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Liberating OWS from itself? A movement in motion

July 6th, 2012 · No Comments

I don’t think this article has the right answer here, nor is it at all clear if Occupy has faded. It has created a continuous movement and record of activist events on a daily basis since it began.
That said, I think the movement is ‘moving’ towards its own real birth.

And I should note in passing, with apologies for citing a real scumbag magazine like Frontpage, my own concern (stated in the first post on the OWS last fall) that the movement, with suspicious symmetry to the Tea Party movement, had parallel covert support and initial funding, the tricky question of how and where/when being beyond answer. The charges in this article are not believable, and the Soros take is simply a question mark/slander, but the record of ‘soft/left’ CIA initiatives (many with a Soros relationship) are discussed by the controversial but often savvy Tarpley in his book on 9/11 intelligence manipulations.

I can take the question no further, but there is the reality to be faced that a movement set up was dumped by its hidden creators, and is running out of gas, as of now.
That said, I don’t believe it, and in any case, the movement is still vigorous and alive, but may have become a victim of a suspiciously built-in paralysis mechanism.

This movement has, however, moved beyond its manipulators, if real, and can reinvent itself as a purely autonomous new left.
All this said, the action of intelligence agencies is highly sophisticated, and the ultimate betrayal in the form of movements created on the left to ultimately sabotage the left is already history, as with the destruction of the SDS by the covert sectors, in the legacy of Weatherman stooges.
I hope this is paranoia on my part, but it is unsage to assume the covert sector will let any left movement alone. We can be sure there will be mischief of some kind.


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