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Fifty Shades of Capitalism

July 13th, 2012 · No Comments

Fifty Shades of Capitalism: Pain and Bondage in the American Workplace

The symbol of capitalism was lately a vampire. Enter the CEO with nipple clamps.

The relationship of BDSM to class warfare (a theme of multiple postings at The Gurdjieff Con) should be transparent (but isn’t) from its sources in the modern mind in figures like De Sade. The suspicion always lingers that the phenomena are not psychological states, as traits of character, but unconscious suggestions in the field of mass hypnosis, a subject better discussed at The Gurdjieff Con.
The field of liberal thought doesn’t see the connection with rightist resurgence in the spread of the dangerous BDSM archetypes. That said, as the phenomena enter into the open public sphere they tend to degrade and disperse and become silly.
It is important to consider the egregious insertion of the slave motif into the otherwise unconnected pattern of dominance/submission, which is in principle distinct. The politicization of dominance/submission, in reality always present some would say, should be an extreme caution against indulgence here in the name of the sexual revolution.
Study, as this article senses it, the class warfare of BDSM promotion as mass hypnosis, to try and catch the process in action.
The point here is that BDSM by and large isn’t an aspect of character, but a Trojan Horse effect to master the unconscious of others.
I would note the obvious appearance of the female version at a point of wished-for conservative revanche against women’s lib.

So how does all this work? Too bad for you. It’s esoteric. You don’t rate, peon.
Adjourn to The GC….

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