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Idiot take on David Ray Griffin at Alternet

July 18th, 2012 · No Comments

David Ray Griffin: How a Retired Theologian Became a High-Priest of the 9/11 Truth Movement
According to the theology of one of the leading experts of “9/11 truth,” America is in the grips of a struggle with “demonic evil.”

Alternet is beyond belief on the 9/11 question. This article makes no sense and is a fairly clear case of ad hominem, obscuring the 9/11 debate with a lot of baloney about Griffin’s theology. Alternet has been consistently sophistical on the 9/11 issue, critiquing proponents as conspiracy theorists: we have addressed the issue here many times.
The Alternet gang is too smart to be confused here, so, sorry, they must be lying through their teeth with this feint. The article here is thus incomprehensible, but probably tries to be clever: how can you pass some 9/11 information without looking like that dratted entity, the conspiracy theorist.
Alternet folks probably read this article of the day before yesterday:


Jon Gold’s article hits home, and clearly applies to Alternet’s tactics, which may well be due to fear of consequences.
One has but to see the third Bourne spy film, The Bourne Ultimatum to see how fear has spread here: a journalist who comes on an NSA keyword is assassinated, they bug all the main phones…. A lurid Hollywood take on something that has come into public view: now Obama himself is the assassin. OK, so maybe the Alternet gang is a bunch of 9/11 scaredecats.

But I find it hard to believe Alternet is reacting in this vein: the more likely explanation is funding. They have an expensive frontline software which doesn’t come cheap. Evidently 9/11 facts of the case can be dangerous to semi-mainstream journalism. It’s the money, stupid.

Who knows? But this article deflects attention from David Ray Griffin’s brilliant set of books exposing the cover up of the 9/11 conspiracy. to go on a tangent here as to Griffin’s theology is an annoying distraction, and constitutes propaganda at Alternet.
Wise up, guys…

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