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Has religion died out for homo sapiens?

July 31st, 2012 · 1 Comment

Over at The Gurdjieff Con I am exploring the testimony of an (Indian) disciple of Rajneesh.

In all the controversies over religion and atheism in the West, the reality is that the whole population is so confused on the subject of religion as to be beyond clarification. Or so it seems.

Westerners flocked in droves to the New Age figure Rajneesh, but a few Indian sannyasins seemed to have had the whole game sewed up by 1986, while everyone else is still trying to deal with the online videos, even as really pathetic gestures are ongoing in the West, such as the attempt to make ‘enlightenement’ a pre-scientific superstition. If it is that bad, imagine the problems dealing with ‘kundalini’. The ebook shows how it is almost second nature for many in Indian culture. It is not hopeless! But take the first step. After thirty years of the New Age movement, I have to say I was defeated in trying to take the first step. So speak for yourself.

I think Westerners are so far behind they won’t ever catch up, leaving the question, What is to be done… (a spite at the day before yesterday’s post on Leninism)? Anwer, nothing.

To add insult to injury, Jesus Xrist is not your personal savior, so begging for mercy (prayer?) won’t help. Jesus ascended into heaven and turned off the audio, so the game is run by ‘big devils’, as Gurdjieff hinted, calling himself ‘Beelzebub’. These devisl are plotting your damnation.

The problem as the historian of India Alain Danielou (a problematic figure, to be sure) sensed is that ‘monotheism’ is simply a disguised form of polytheism, and the ‘religion’ really a form of state propaganda. By Danielou’s reckoning the onset of monotheism was a decline of religion, and he also obviously held no brief for polytheism, warning of the need to be wary of the invariable exploitation and take-over by occult elements, ‘gods’. Baloney with a point, an insight. The Christian format did better than that, but the charge has a large element of truth to it. And I think that the sufism of Islamic religion has turned into part of the problem, instead of the solution.

I have to wonder if the human capacity for religion hasn’t died out everywhere except in India, whose closeness, it should be noted, in the Southern half of the subcontinent to the original ‘Out of Africa’ migration has always left me wondering if traces of the original homo sapiens with his novel ‘hot shot’ higher consciousness weren’t preseved by the indigenous religion there, something that far predates the Indo-European confusions of a much later age. By that time the whole game was in decline, but Buddhism, and some substrains of ‘Hindu’ culture, were able to revive something during the Axial period.

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