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Yankee doodle land: now chief suspect in the destruction of a planet

August 6th, 2012 · No Comments


I am not a doctrinaire Marxist preaching to others. Communism might be a bad idea. I have studied all of its critics, and I find their objections losing their stock values. The communist cliches can be thrown out. But the basic point is clear: The capitalist game is almost over. First question, of course, is that correct? The conventional wisdom will be wrong, so, to repeat, start over with communism 101. It is obvious, that needs a lot of work.

My charges of cooptation should and do turn on me, also. If anyone has been the object of attempted cooptation it is I, having lived through Tibetan, sufi, Gurdjieffian, and other attempts to ‘fix’ the unsuspecting. But, having survived such tactics, the issues stand out in greater clarity, and the coopters are exposed for the contempt they deserve. Religious cooptation is rife at this point, but the truly radical is the true Jesus, sorry, if you are a market Christian.
The purpose of invoking communism is sheer desperation, and the need for a starting thought, given that we have run out of time for ‘capitalism as usual’ and, given that the right behind the right has realized this, setting in motion the instruments of repression in their paranoia, we need to start from square one, communist basics, debriefing all the problems, and previous tragedies, to see if something can be constructed to withstand the coming attempts to create a new peasantry or serfdom.
You can start with all the objections and attempted exposes of communism, but the basic issue is that if you invoked capitalism you invoke, and will be haunted by, its antithesis. And the endgame is coming.
American idiots are going to become dangerous at that point, so a little preparation might help.

Lesson one: don’t say or do stupid out front things: the current security apparatus would love to deal with
‘communists’ as terrorists. Sedition is a state of mind, to start, as a contemplation on potential, and plans to activate. Defeat the covert agenices this way, without jumping the gun with seditious stupidity. The platform will thus crystallize on a sounder basis. Adios to the old Yankee Doodle carnival, now chief suspect in the destruction of a planet. By empowering stupid people with capitalism made too easy via environmental plunders its exit strategy is blocked, by stupid people.
You have the edge: business life was always a career for the not very intelligent, contrary to arrogant rumor which seems to think the profit sector the realm of supermen, and those who bite the hook on capitalist ideology, are variants of retarded persons, like Ayn Rand. You can recall your childhood days playing monopoly. Was it intelligent? Most monopoly games don’t end in their endgame: all parties puke out, scream ‘Yuck’, and adjourn for icebox raids, or some other game. Moral: the capitalist endgame can be skipped.
The capitalist game needs a decision to stop. One problem is the way stupid people with capital hire up smart people to perpetuate stupid market games. And economists will try to make ‘economic market life’ seem a natural state of affairs. Not true. It can be switched off. The entire apparatus of mathematical economics is almost a complete fraud, so it is easy to disarm economists.

Once the Tea Partiers figure out they can’t grasp their own self-interest, the allure of Rand may shortcircuit.

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