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Socialists in three-cornered hats?

August 8th, 2012 · No Comments

http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap6_5.htm: the fixation on the generation of 1848, and in relation to the previous period of the Enlightenment and French Revolution is no accident. The timing of the mysterious world system shows that the conclusion to the modern transition had left the world of the secular in an incomplete state, one in which the status of capitalism remained undefined in the emerging canons of the liberal ideology. That was the point of the new socialists, expropriated by Marx and marxists: they wished to complete the French Revolution.
But instead a reaction formation emerged (analogous to the later one of the postmoderns) to destroy modernity and create a new age or starting point. But that strategy was doomed to create a jackknife against the whole modern transition. The early socialists understood that the value of socialism was connected to its liberal framework in the creation of the still unclaimed term ‘democracy’.
The issue here is not the destruction of the liberal state, pace Leninism, but the realization that, e.g. the American Revolution had been wrought by people who finished the job before the rise of Adam Smith and the new ideology of capitalism, miscalculating the effect of their achievement. The immediate distortion of the system of rights, has escalated in our time into the destruction of democracy. But the solution is not Marx’s critique of right, but the creation of a system of socialist right. That task was started by Kant with his ethics of the republic of ends. Lockean property right is taken as the summa of liberalism, but the closer reality is that property right might be limited in a republic of ends. This simple starting point for a socialist liberalism, on its way to a still undefined democracy of men who have renounced private property in the rights of the Commons, was lost on both the early liberal sharks of capitalist mystification, and the anti-right disillusion with the democratic that lurked in the revolutionary anger of the left.
A revolution of communist completion to restrain the American rogue state, close to destroying the planet, requires thus something more than a Leninist revenge drama.

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