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OWS at year one: some food for thought: US dot.gov as a criminal mafia a no-brainer

August 31st, 2012 · 1 Comment

Is ordinary politics even possible?

The grounds for revolution are clear, and can go rapidly from leftist ambition to its excess, to centrist duty in a surplus of quietist passivity: consider the previous video, in a long list of issues. The American government is under the strongest suspicion at this point of being a criminal enterprise, quite apart from its cooptation by economic interests, imperialist overreach, and the rest of it.
The rest of it includes:
major responsibility for destruction of a planet via environmental indifference, via capitalism….

But the point is that the indictment as a criminal mafia is so simple to carry out as to be a non-brainer.

The haunting question remains: is the current left up to the job of dealing with this situation.

So, let’s see the defense to ….

the question….

Is the US dot.gove a criminal mafia? If so, then ‘revolution’ becomes a citizen’s arrest…

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