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The Great Transition // social darwinist confusion derailing human evolution?

August 31st, 2012 · No Comments

The ‘great transition’ is the idea that human evolution began in the period of rapid human emergence as homo sapiens, became latent during much of the Paleolithic, turning on again with the rise of civilization. Human evolution is attempting to achieve its completion in a future still under suspense.
And Darwinian ideology is not helping here: it is going to derail real future evolution with social darwinist confusion…
This doesn’t have anything to do with Darwinism.

History and Evolution: a paradox resolved We have found the resolution of the paradox of history and evolution in seeing them as overlapping, with history as the chronicle of ‘freedom’ emerging from evolutionary passivity. The transition between history and evolution occurs in a series of transitions, in a braided unity of the two opposites. We need not speculate about such a system, instead replacing it with careful periodization to help us follow the ‘track of evolution in history’ along a time-line: the deeper dynamic is hidden from us, as with the Kantian noumenal behind the phenomenal.
The Great Transition Our transitions are direct evidence of the ‘descent of man resumed’, as the ‘great transition’ to the completed speciation of man. The historical aspect seems to show the way man must take over his own evolution, a task still from his understanding in light of the wrong views of social Darwinist eugenics, dangerous fallacies liable to induce regressive cultures.
The strong suspicion that our discovery of the historical macro effect contains the clue to the dynamics of the earliest evolution/speciation of homo sapiens gives us a new perspective on the whole question of human origins, and certainly shows us the limits and liabilities of Darwinism whose oversimplifications simply ignore the complexities of man and his emergence. The ‘Great Transition’ visible in history as a series of transitions shows us a transparent image of the outer phenomenon of evolution without showing us necessarily the deeper mechanism behind that. In fact, the resemblance to the Kantian phenomenon/noumenon distinction is striking, and the questions of human will, ethics, and self-consciousness suggest to us that the resumed evolutionary march of human civilization is both the continuation of the first stage of man’s evolution, but also a nearly prophetic sign of the future of that evolution in the completion of the human question mark.


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