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Toward a New Communism: a challenge to OWS

September 1st, 2012 · 1 Comment

Occupy Movement Gears Up For Democratic National Convention

I think it is splendid the OWS has survived one year, and is present at the DNC. They have no place in democratic politics, to be sure, unlike the Tea Party zombies flush with hidden rightwing money. But making noise in the right place and the right time has its uses, and the sound of bleating outside the convention might conceivably cause political mindchange in the recipients of corporation money.
Actually, the don’t need convincing: they just need a freedom from corporation totalitarianism.

I have always been a fan of the OWS because of its virtual state, both in, and outside the system.

This dialectic has a good occasion at the DNC: moving toward the system, and beyond it.

In any case, the clock is ticking, the recovery of the American economy looks problematical, and full employment suddenly seems a mirage. American-style capitalism, indeed, American capitalism, is the culprit in the accelerating destruction of a planet. Fewer jobs will help this situation. And so will industrial time-out.
The middle class is sinking, the right is increasing its power by the year, and its consolidation of the covert agencies since 9/11 has been nothing less than a concealed coup d’etat. The game plan is the recreation of hard classes, and a police force that can police it, enforce it. The cult of Darwinism is good excuse for refusing altruism, playing class warfare and crying no tear for planned non-survival of the ‘losers’. Global capitalism is rapidly disengaging from territorial nationalism, and the power of repression now stands beyond legislative action. This list can be continued, but I think the point is clear that the OWS came not a moment too soon, and failed honorably not a year too soon, provoking a moment of reflection on an escalating crisis that will soon see the right so powerful nothing can be done. This isn’t a critique of the OWS, but a reminder that the ‘virtual’ reflection or dialectic can change gears. Non-violent protest and the occupation of public parks was/is/remains a beautiful start, but the dreaded and fantastical image of a New Communism lurks in the mix, beyond the non-violent, beyond the mere protest situation, a response equal to the violence latent in the right. And it is a terrible violence, intending the mass murder of millions, if you can carefully read the signs. They will laugh at Gandhians to their face, but they will get their covert agents to preach non-violence to the left. A good neutralizer, along with the Guy Fawkes mask.
Let us recall that the Guy Fawkes mask is associated with government covert action, and fake protest. It may be time to step beyond the mask.

In any case, I preach no sermons to anyone on the left, but, as with my posts about the ‘virtual church of the holy brick’, and Xtian communism, the point comes to reconsider simple communism, to be rechristened The New Communism, to detach from its false legacy since 1848, or 1917.
Communism was a prophecy that arose in the wake of the French Revolution, maturing in the generation of 1848 and beyond as a prophecy to come true, in the phasing, and conclusion of capitalist globalization.
We have reached the point of application of that prophecy, in the endgame of the market Game of Real Time Monopoly. It is hard to see any other solution to the grotesque finale on its way. The alternative is claimed for the privatization of all civilization, and destruction of its majority, or else their reclassification as serfs.
One can at least demand a reconsideration of the legacy of ‘communism’ and its rebirth as a New Communism, and if it is nothing more than a gedanken experiment.
It it might help to stop the endless prattle from bourgeois liberal economists wringing their hands over job stats. The old capitalist order is over, but what is not over is the compulsive and manic market cancer that can’t even see the problems with climate change. This is a system reaching insanity. So the moment of Year I for the OWS is a good moment for the consideration of a New Communism.

Whatever we call it, the abolition of private industrial property begins to seem the last resort, and the first essential for survival. The question of private property has reached a crisis. It is not a right to expropriate the wealth of the commons for private gain, even as its benefits for the many vanish into thin air. That’s not hard! The game has become the endgame.

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