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Repost: The Ultra Far Left: the coming power struggles: Occupy Jacobin magazine

September 7th, 2012 · No Comments

Another repost, for those who missedit, due to the convention…
Good article at Jacobin magazine, but I can’t actually say what anyone should do about the November election. Your move.

Still, our discussion of The New Communism will go on. The redfortyeight.com blog is about the ‘ultra far left’, something that invokes the Jacobin mindset, perhaps, but my meaning is different. Still, to ‘occupy Jaconing mag’ would a fitting ‘Jacobinist’ gesture of power consolidation on the ultra far left.

First, let me give Jacobin magazine a slap in the face. Change the title to the magazine. The fetishistic attachment to the Jacobins in counterproductive. It sends a message you wish to guillotine your fellow revolutionaires. The subtleties of that phase of the French Revolution are considerable, but even so the Jacobin era is not a good model for a new left. It represents revolution losing control, even if it also represents revolution trying to prevent cooptation. How about a logo with the Sanscullotes?
Can’t we find a better model? The fixation on Jacobinism has fed the worst excesses of Leninist derailment.
Warning: I am brazenly working on a new title, and logo, for Jacobin magazine
In any case, I think that, as noted yesterday, the Arab Spring/Occupy movements show the signs of global action in gestation…the question of America is, at this point, a local issue, no?

Here’s a good logo for the to be newly title ‘Sansculottes Magazine’.


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