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Revolution, legitimacy, a ‘new communism’, and revolt as restabilizing sedition…

September 8th, 2012 · No Comments

The questions of revolution, legitimacy, and the context of legality are very controversial for the left, especially in the minds of its critics, but it is strangely the case that the shoe is on the other foot, since the ‘revolt’, and all the issues of sedition, have already been undertaken by the various elite factions who have essentially destroyed American democracy, shredded the Constitution, destroyed the system of rights and due process in the shenanigans of false-flag ops that have murdered American citizens, instituted torture, and created a hidden superstate controlling the de facto government as a front. 9/11 was a flagrant covert act of criminal activity, state sponsored, and effecting the destruction not only of citizens, but of the system of rights and liberties, as the war on terror was flagged as the grounds for a hidden takeover of legitimate government.
This beside, and in addition to, the factors of capitalist domination and Wall Street cooptation of governing institutions.
So, the point here is that American society is the victim of a rightwing fascist coup d’etat cleverly disguised behind a facade of legality.
The issue of seditious action could therefore be one of constitutional restoration, including elements of ‘rights against covert action’, rights against capitalist domination, including constitutional limits on private property, and the abolition of any and all legal briberies now creating a form of commodity government, with purchased politicians.
In a word the current status of the government is one of illegality along many fronts. A systen rrun by and for criminals can demand no allegiance.

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