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Occupy New Communism: notes toward a global challenge to ‘capitalism’

September 10th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Capitalist globalization is destroying a whole planet, so the multiple potentials of the Occupy movement (which is cryallizing nicely in many zones into benign local gestures in many brands) might begin to consider the implications of protest in the context of the really humongous task required: a global initiative to abolish private property.
The system as is is not sustainable, and the global elites know it and have already commenced their fascist takeover, which will be followed by massive liquidations of millions to billions.
A movement of self-defense of the 99% is essential. Time is short. By blowing the chance to play FDR II Obama has done his bit to close the electoral route. A round of applause for Barack.

To say this kind of movement is utopian, unrealistic, etc, is to say that life on earth is utopian, unrealistic, etc… So it is important to begin somewhere. How about already began somewhere, last year in Zuccotti park? This initiative has to be more than old fashion marxism and the personality cult of Marx, recycled Leninism, and overcooked redished bolshevism. Rebranding can learn better than repetive sloganeering, which the right has completely neutralized. Simple restatments of tactics, at the level of clarity of the American Revolutionaries, is all that is needed. Rebranded ‘marxists’ under a new name would make a good starting cadre,if they drop their past.
Theory has to start over, and perhaps theory should be thrown out: the prinicples of what is needed can and should be clearly and simply stated without the useless abstractions of marxists, and personality cult of Marx. Such a movement must take a long hard look at tactics, and ask itself if the job can be done without guerilla warfare. As American covert agencies well know Islamic resistance groups have found the essence of tactics, and have attempted their own brand here, quickly falseflaged by 9/11 state terrorism. So any and all strategy here are going to be an unknown. Covert government has already planned for this inevitability, so the path is strewn with dangers. And the biggest danger is that the American system will be flipped to a compromise commmunism of the elites, armed with the immense powers of the Milit-Industrial complex to recycle empire to stop globalization: once the gravity of the situation sinks in a cooptation of communism can happen fast: just as in Bolshevik Russia the cooptation of Tsarism to pseudo-communism happened very quickly.
The New Communism can learn from these mistakes, but must renew itself with a new set of strategies.

Note: this is guest post of ‘nemini’, not nemo. Give nemo a break. Any implications of seditious recommendation refer to starting points overseas, so call off the Feds. We can start the revolution in Monaco, which is illegal only in Monaco.

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