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Books on communism

September 13th, 2012 · No Comments

European Communism: 1848-1991
I was looking at a series of books on Communism. There aren’t many good ones. This one turned out to be a critical take, and that, actually, made it a useful study in the upgrade we have called The New Communism.
The history is reasonable enough and has a good list of all the issues a ‘new communism’ would have to deal with. And, in principle, those issues are relatively easy to deal with. The basic framework might be an American style revolution with a communist center of gravity. At first, counterintuitive, that constellation is going to rapidly become the basis for a form of popular uprising. All the hard stuff apparently is being done free of charge by the right, whose behavior makes no sense even on conservative terms. It makes a funny sense as a ‘dialectic’ seeding its own opposition.
Once it is clear that global capitalism is destroying a planet, creating a social darwinist elite that can’t even manage the fifties style capitalist ideology that bargained with labor and gloried in a middle class creation, the ranks of the ‘unclassed’ will swell.
A ‘new communism’ needs a set of rights, and yet a set of limits on private property, a stance on electoral politics, with a truly fair system of elections, etc, etc,…
This book usefully lists all the problems that need some quickfire solutions. The old left simply waltzed into chaos by not any positions on key issues.
This weak literature is significant: a ‘new communism’ can easily start from scratch.

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