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Ten wasted years with Marx idiots: how to exhaust your friends

September 27th, 2012 · 1 Comment


It is depressing to read these articles on Darwinism from the left. The left is determined to never learn, on this question. Or else they are afraid of open dissent on Darwinism. So they create this confusing hedge of critiquing social darwinism but supporting Darwinism.
I suspect they know perfectly well Darwinism is false, but they simply play the game.
I first discussed the issue of Darwinism on the Marx mail list in the year 2000. That was 12 years ago. In that interval the Discovery group on the right has almost seized the high ground on the evolution question.

My criticisms of Darwinism are well known on the left, and have been for twelve years. But the silence has been total. They won’t even exchange an email. So the subtext of these articles, is go to hell, nemo. We never heard of you.
I respect the marxmail list for its courage at the time. But a lot of efforts to assist the left here, for years, has simply gone down the drain, and I have learned the hard way that the marxist left is not adequate to its task. They cannot change, learn, discuss, debate, or get anywhere near dissent from their stale crypto-Stalinist party line.
It is a bad omen to exhaust the efforts of friends trying to help you. Darwin’s theory doesn’t deserve this, and it has corrupted the left. If they were convinced Darwinists, that would be one thing, but this article gives away the fact that they know Darwinism is false, but they must keep up the front.
But if they uttered a peep in dissent the chorus of Dawkins groupies would indeed destroy them. So they cower in conformity, and chant the Gould mantra. Gould took his idea from Eldredge, wrecked it, mouthed a few words about the left, carefully distancing himself from anything controversial. And this two timer is the Pope on Darwinism for these leftist hasbeens.

At the end, I say, you win. I am exhausted from trying to help the left.
We need a new left that can start over.

You know what, no friends, no ties. I am free to move on.
\The ultra far left

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