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Chomsky’s hypocrisy (and cowardice) on Darwinsm

September 28th, 2012 · 2 Comments


The post in the link is misleading: I am glad to be isolated from the current left, which is deadening on contact. But with someone like Chomsky one can only feel frustration: this man should have been a critic of Darwinism from the start: his take on linguistics hardly makes sense otherwise. Instead we get this mummified silence, no doubt due to fear of the consequences of dissent, and the dangers to celebrity from dissent on Darwinism. Plus, he has that creepy Steven Pinker harassing him because the suspicion of heresy is almost transparent. Pinker was the fraud who made Chomskyism safe for the Darwin paradigm, and is a good example of Darwinian brainwashing in action.

Chomsky doesn’t deserve to get away with it. Clearly he is a Darwin doubter and the public deserves to know this.

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