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Take me to your leader….the lore of the endless ‘whale/Ichthus’ rumor

September 28th, 2012 · 5 Comments

Review of The Eerie Silence
From a review of Paul Davies’ The Eerie Silence. Although this was tongue in cheek, it indicates an important issue: that alien life has long since surveyed man on his planet, but won’t come out in the open. True? I have no idea.

BTW, there is a solid rumor that the ‘aliens’ have already arrived, bypassed homo sapiens, and established contact with cetacean species: Moby Dick was a alien counterattacking against the predatory whaling industry.

There is a little known fringe lit myth on this, that aliens (sometimes fishmen, as in the Sumerian figurines, etc, etc…), but a ‘better’answer to Paul Davies’ puzzlement is that the whale theme is ‘noise’ from the ‘hyparchic future’, the place where advanced aliens reside. They wouldn’t risk planetary existence directly. Another variant is the esoteric rumor that Moby Dick (1951) was a typical case of ‘disinfo’/serious joke on the alien presence theme: the era of 1848 and the birth of the idea communism in the hyparchic future. ???

Nonsense? Probably. Publicly I deny any credence to this psychic ‘noise’.
None of this makes any sense, but the whole history of early Xtianity (sure enough, with its ‘iXthus’ theme) is built around the idea of the hyparchic future, which noone understood, leading to all the nonsense about the ‘future kingdom’.
Every civilization since Sumer has had a variant of this ‘noise’. . I can’t solve the riddle, so have a nice day.

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