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Darwinian desperation to demonstrate evolution by natural selection

September 30th, 2012 · No Comments

This article from Zimmer is unconvincing (to say nothing of untrustworthy: I NEVER trust anything Darwinists say in natural selection, and will wait for equally untrustworthy critique from the Discovery gang), and as usual uses the case of bacteria to generalize to all evolution, when the result is not truly evolution even for bacteria.

The Birth of the New, The Rewiring of the Old
by Carl Zimmer posted on September 29, 2012 05:37PM GMT
In 1988, Richard Lenski, an evolutionary biologist now at Michigan State University, launched the longest running experiment on natural selection. It started with a single microbe–E. coli–which Lenski used to seed twelve genetically identical lines of bacteria. He placed each line in a separate flask, which he provisioned with a scant supply of glucose. The bacteria ate up the sugar in a few hours. The next day, he took a droplet of microbial broth from each flask and let it tumble into a new one, complete with a fresh supply of food. The bacteria boomed again, then starved again, and then were transferred again to a new home. Lenski and his colleagues have repeated this procedure every day for the past 24 years, rearing over 55,000 generations of bacteria.


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