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September 30th, 2012 · No Comments

Occupy Savannah says it's alive and well but charting new courses

Savannah Morning News
17, 2011, launch of Occupy Wall Street in New York City, 100 or
so locals converged on Emmet Park on Oct. 9. “We are the 99 percent!”
some would shout at passers-by. That remains the movement's rebuke of
the rich, who it says use their wealth to get

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Romney reveals class war

The Decatur Daily
Font Size: A A A A. 9/30/12 | 185 views. Capital considerations.
Romney reveals class war. President Barack Obama warned of it,
and he was castigated. Rag-tag Occupy Wall Street
protestors complained of it, and they were laughed off the

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The Decatur Daily

LOCAL THEATER: 'Woyzeck' adaptation occupies Port Townsend

Kitsap Sun
Grosman said she wrote the first few drafts of her adaptation in New
York City during the Occupy Wall Street movement. "I wrote a
bunch in a Starbucks near Zuccotti Park," Grosman said, "near where the
protesters gathered back when Occupy Wall Street

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What's next after March on Wall Street South

Workers World
2, as more than 2,500 people from across the South and the rest of the
U.S. delivered a searing indictment to the banks and corporations
headquartered in Charlotte, along with the pro-war, pro-Wall Street,
two-party system whose job it is to serve the

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Morello and Tankian release anthem of Occupy Wall Street

Agency NEWS.am

September 29, 2012 | 21:30. Tom Morello, Tim McIlrath and Serj
Tankian released a song celebrating the one-year anniversary of
Occupy Wall Street. The idea of “We Are The 99%” came to
Tom Morello. It has become a symbolic anthem of the movement.

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Information-Analytic Agency NEWS.am

Obama-Romney debate a critical moment

Occupy Wall Street protesters dressed like Mitt Romney
and Barack Obama march on the streets In New York City on
September 17, 2012. UPI/John Angelillo. License photo.
Published: Sept. 29, 2012 at 11:46 AM. WASHINGTON, Sept. 29
(UPI) — President

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OWS free university welcomes radical ideas

Workers World
In the week following Occupy Wall Street's one-year
anniversary demonstration, occupiers convened a “free
university” in Madison Square Park in New York City. From Sept.
18-22, the park became liberated space for anti-capitalist ideas
to be discussed

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Workers World

'Occupy DC reiterates opposition to corporate greed'

Press TV
Lacy MacAuley, a Washington-based media relation manager, says that a
group of anti-Wall Street protesters are marking the first
anniversary of Occupy D.C. to reiterate their opposition to
corporate greed. “We have a series of actions and activities to

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