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‘Operation Terror’ — The Hollywood 9/11 Thriller Banned from Theaters

October 5th, 2012 · No Comments

‘Operation Terror’ — The Hollywood 9/11 Thriller Banned from Theaters
The incompetent left has been completely blind to the coup d’etat in motion, cloaked by covert action scenarios we can only infer indirectly, a game that started in the era of Truman’s uncritical OK’s to intelligence formations of that era, (and he is on record denouncing his own decision in the wake of the JFK assassination), which have grown ominously since then. We no longer know who is in charge of the system as it is, nor do we have any accounting financial or moral of the actions of these agencies. We can no longer even denounce the CIA which is a set of fronts inside of fronts, in the proliferation of nameless orgs beyond public awareness. Nor can we understand any longer what Presidents know, as to this state of affairs, given the suspicion, confirmed by the odd behavior of Obama, we thought might challenge Bush, nor expect critique of action applied to heads of state has any further meaning. A revolutionary state of affairs will, of course, need to surround Langley, announce the ‘come out with your hands up’ phase, and study the files, if any remain, or actually exist in what is probably now another front.

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