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Please, Mr. Obama, don’t have me assassinated…terrorism vs. scaredecatism

October 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment

From yesterday: http://darwiniana.com/2012/10/10/a-government-by-for-of-criminals/

The email I got yesterday on the KKK and CIA ended with the salutation, ‘see you in solitary’, a warning of the dangers of exposing the game underway. But I think that noone can pin anything on people like me. And who is that, nemo/nemini: multiple posters, the nemo crew. I think I have been under surveillance for years since 2000, when WHEE came out, with its Out of Revolution ending (in the first edition), but this book was, precisely the point of the previous post, as much about ‘bourgeois revolution’, but it did drop names (Marx, Engels) in the context of ‘civilization for the first time’. My computer was invaded and I didn’t figure it out for quite a while. But noone can ever discover anything about me they can use. It is not illegal to suggest a gedanken experiment on a new Communism. Apart from illegally riding freightrains all over the place in the eighties, I am fairly close to harmless, no terrorist, perhaps a scaredecatist. I once scared my sister by making faces, but she retaliated and turned the tables on me. Scary.

Scardecatism is more effective than terrorism: consider some ‘scary facts’:
1. The US economy is a runaway freighttrain destorying a planet
2. the political class is a criminal mafia that
3. has created a covert agency monstrosity on the level with Murder, Inc
4. including the assissination of JFK, 9/11, and the fake wars of Iraq and Afghanistan…

That’s a very short list. Who needs terrorism with such a scary list. Scary, terrifying, in fact.


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