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Rajneesh, and Gandhi article

October 11th, 2012 · No Comments

This critique of Gandhi is important and we have made this kind of criticism here many times.
Here’s the followup: http://rdln.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/how-successful-wasis-gandhian-peaceful-disobedience/
But I can’t seem to find some of the original posts here from very early, ca. 2006? I was prompted by the figure Rajneesh to the fact that the public record on Gandhi is misleading. This important article at Red Line gives some important data here as backup.
It is important to ask, as Rajneesh asked, and this article reasks, whether Gandhi’s method really worked to liberate India. Rajneesh seems to have felt that a small guerilla force armed with rifles could have driven out the British in the twenties. This view of Rajneesh is important because he was probably more of a spiritual man than Gandhi was an eclectic Westernized intellectual who took up holy robes as political theatre. But he also echoes the Jain tradition. Before being too harsh we need also to see that Gandhi was a world historical experiment/innovation with hidden Jain esoteric sources trying an experiment in political non-violence. We should evaluate that classic experiment on its own terms, without bias.
But this article exposes many aspects of Gandhi that suffer with time: he wasn’t even clear on the issue of caste, surely a fatal statement on his judgment. But, all in all, the great experiment that he attempted can’t be dismissed out of hand. It is nonetheless important to have this new input as in this article. I recall having these doubts about Gandhi already in the early eighties, just as the classic Rajneesh commentaries began to appear. Rajneesh seems to have taken a disliking to Gandhi. This article makes the point clear.

And it is important to see how Gandhi’s tour de force of embracing the Gita was upside down from the start: the book recounts how a pacifist, Arjuna, is talked out it and told to fight by Krishna (howevver, the Gita is so problematical historically that it is hardly safe to refer to it, but…). You have to wonder, what was he thinking, and how did he get away with it?

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