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Using the historical model of WHEE in place of, or as a superset of, historical materialism

October 14th, 2012 · 1 Comment

In Search of History: a large traffic yesterday at this site for World History and The Eonic Effect.
I think Descent of Man Revisited, as noted several times, is triggering interest in the text. Also, interest is rising in the material as a new form of historical paradigm, beyond Darwinism, historical materialism, and the Big History concept (which is useful anyway).
The model in the text is useful because it is easy to restate ‘historical materialism’ in that context (you will soon find the macro model simpler and more useful. How many people grasp historical materialism?)
The short netbook
http://descentofmanrevisited.com/index_top_1848.htm contains a format to recast the idea of a democratic/socialist or communist revolution, with a good foundation, but the version given here is too clipped and abbreviated to make the point clear.
I am working on a more useful version.
The value of the ‘eonic model’ is that you have ‘evolution’, world history in outline, the debate over the science of history, ‘freedom’ in history, the evolution of religion, the Axial Age, the rise of modernity, and a dozen other issues altogether in one package, with the place of revolution clarified by the treatment.

Marxist theory is falling behind at this point, and leftists need to move on from Marxism, to a large degree by restating the core, to be sure, but without the weak historical framework now in place.

One thing is sure, though, marxists won’t listen. The tenacity of ‘basic marxist dogma’ belief system is hard to deal with.
I think, however, the realization that the public will accept a socialist vision, if it is restated beyong the Marx to Stalin axis, will drive the left to change.

After Stalinism, the left is almost caput. But it has one strike left. It is important not to blow it on stale repetition and the usual Leninist strategy.

The eonic model is not really a replacement, but a generalized ‘carrier model’ in which other theories become historical objects or events. Marxists are ‘event-bound’ operators immersed in history trying to transcend it. Their theory can’t do that, and the result tries to recreate modernity by chaning only its economic systems. The ‘eonic model’ doesn’t do or not do anything, but it does give a much much broader perspective.

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