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Slate, idiocy on natural selection, and a bungled review

October 15th, 2012 · No Comments


This review of Paul Johson’s book (which I haven’t read) fumbles the ball immediately with its dogmatic kowotow on natural selection. This is either irresponsible, or plain ignorant, and maybe the price of access to an ezine like Slate. This makes the attempt to challenge the conservative extremism about Darwin and Hitler fail. I think that a careful review of the facts as portrayed by Weikart force us to conclude that the ideology of figures like Hitler lie in the cone of diffusion of Darwin’s book/theory. There are other overlapping cones of diffusion here, that of Nietzsche, or the rightwing occult fascist of Germany, etc… I understand the frustration of those who read the uncareful readings of Weikart, but argue the case, trying to totally absolve Darwin, based on the propaganda dupe’s version of natural selection.
Here’s the simple idea of eugenic genocide, via natural selection:
Belief that NS causes evolution causes people (and often readers of Nietzsche) to consider that the production of ‘higher men’ can occur by speeding up the process.
Where’s the fallacy here? Secular liberals fans of Darwin can’t seem to figure it out. The fallacy is simple: natural selection can’t produce ‘macro’evolution. That simple.

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