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Eonic model a framework for marxism lite

October 24th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I am pleased with the interest in these two netbooks: obviously what is needed is a simple ‘model’ (as opposed to a theory, which will always equivocate) of macrohistory, which can be a simple outline, and which highlights the issues important for the left: revolutions and their dynamics, freedom in history versus causality, stages of economic history versus ad hoc random stream stages, relationship of communism/socialism to the democratic revolutions at the Great Divide, and in general an overall snaphsot of modernity, world history as a whole, and a postdarwinian framework for that.

This would make a good framework for a kind of Marxism lite. Note that you lose nothing here and can place marxism as an historical event inside the model/outline, with a spectacular result: the whole emergence of challenges to capitalism occurs in the 1848 center of gravity, with the elusive, and spectacular ‘absolute’ timing of the eonic effect; the end of the modern transition. That is telling: our ‘system’ is trying to generate a ‘general mideonic oikoumene integrator’ (what the heck is that?). In the wake of the Axial Age the same thing happens, but in that ancient age, with world religions. Christianity was a world first as a ‘general mideonic oikoumene generator’, but one that fell into decay fairly quickly and spawned the unexpected collision of Jews and Xtians. Note how an immediate attempted replacement or higher synthesis containing the earlier appeared with explosive force, in a kind of desperation to fix and complete the task. But the solution can have as many problems as the old. In any case, the successors to the early modern, its legacy of revolution, its Reformation and Enlightenment, need to produce the net equivalent of ‘religion’ (as general transcultural oikoumene integrator) that is tuned to the secularism of the Protestant Reformation leading to the Enlightenment. Here the idea of communism as a framework for a global steady state is key: we owe the Russian revolution ZERO, and can recreate a ‘new communism’ that fulfills the old, and creates a foundation for postcapitalism, global civilization, and and a secular descendant/replacement for Axial Age religion (monotheism-theism, buddhism-atheism, etc…)

To be continued… But the model of the eonic effect (with a new and simpler terminology) would make a useful way to contextualize the relationship of revolution, capitalism/economics/postcapitalism/communism/global civ…

This approach will illustrate the near ‘inevitability’ of a postcapitalist global system. The successors of the current left had best be ready.

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