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Books, dissent, and the capitalist joke

October 26th, 2012 · 1 Comment

The corollary to this question is the difficulty for critics in providing an alternate….
Consider Descent of Man Revisited: a dissenting text with no official support, but with a clear outline of the problems with Darwinism, beyond those of most dissenters, who always have to tailor their argument to get published. It contains insights that no commercial or peer reviewed text could produce. The ‘paradigm’ and/or the profit factor is at work, as censor. Someone has to buy those books, but they are already confused and won’t buy dissent. There is dissent: but it has been coopted by the ID faction, who won’t publish, talk to, exchange emails, or discuss books dissenting on Darwinism if the author is not a strong conservative fundametalist Christian. Even a slight suspicion of liberal tendencies… So no publisher there!
With POD and Adobe software (or even just MS Word) a dissenter can write what he wants, without interference.

But consider the economics: three years work, no pay. Software, expensive. book set up, not too bad at all, >>$200
Advertising, none, Press releases, none
Book discounted to $7.95, with royalty of 30 cents per book, plus the free PDF online version, with tens of thousands of readers, total profit so far: $83. Net loss? many thousands.
This is not a complaint, just a reminder that capitalism has distorted book biz, and, indeed, science itself

This is not a complaint, just a demonstration that capitalism doesn’t work for knowledge innovation

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    […] http://darwiniana.com/2012/10/26/books-dissent-and-the-capitalist-joke/: Beside the basic point of this post lies the indication of a new way to publish books without censorship: the POD route, which you can research easily at Amazon. The method is easy: produce the book (in word, and preferably transfer to Adobe Indesign, word is not pub standard on layout issues) turn result into high quality PDF using Acrobat go to county clerk for a business name submit result to POD printer (usually Lightening Source) book is in print, and on sale at Amazon. So there is no excuse anymore for the self-censorship all too evident in evolution books… […]

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