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New Communism, gedanken experiments, and installing fire extinguishers

October 27th, 2012 · 1 Comment


Marx’s overconfidence about the stage of capitalism, despite its horrors, leading to its successor is causing many to hesitate at the key moment. There is no law of history of the kind Marx thought real. And his sense of capitalism was actually too compliant with its destructive potential.
Every stage of capitalism has indulged in a form of cultural rape. At this point the game has consolidated immense power over the past forty years, and is getting ready for cultural super-rape, what to say, of environmental destruction. The strong promotion of Ayn Rand with Nietzsche in the background suggests the gestating aims of fascist eugenics, far beyond mere working class/middle class/upper middle class destruction. Note that the upper middle class is still in the peanut gallery zone.

We think this impossible, but the twentieth century shows how that kind of cultural rape can emerge from the right.

The idea of a gedanken experiment for a New Communism, however allergic Americans might be to such an idea, is an important ‘duty’ taken as a failsafe, like installing fire-extinguishers. From there practical action can proceed where necessary.
Even if it makes you queasy try to think through the potential for really dealing with rogue capitalism, which is acting like a runaway freight train, with nothing to stop it.
This system is close to the point of no return as you wait for some response from conventional government…

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    […] http://darwiniana.com/2012/10/27/new-communism-gedanken-experiments-and-installing-fire-extinguisher… One reason to speak explicitly of (a new) ‘communism’ is too keep the discussion from being controlled by the (Tea Party) right which has successfully forced discourse into watered/vague reference modes. And the term needs to be taken away from its historical assoications with failure. The term is subject to immense resistance, and cliche-ridden thinking, to say nothing of the atrocious historical legacy, but its use points to a benchmark for discussions of crisis change proposals. And as the economy in the US begins to recover the reality is that desperation will drive economy/employment issues toward still more dangerous forms of marketization, e.g. the cracking energy sphere. […]

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