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Stalinism as the last stand of the bourgeoisie

October 27th, 2012 · No Comments


His third point was an attack on liberalism and a representative democracy. He denounces attempts for reform as being silly dreams and proclaims that all reform accomplishes is convinces people that a capitalist culture can be good. Zizek believes that it cannot. He also argues, however, that this age is one of undoing. His worry is that people have not thought long enough or hard enough to capitalize on the moment. He talks about his frustration with the seemingly endless political discussion. Thus, with the title of his book, The Year of Dreaming Dangerously, Zizek asks us all to attempt to envision a world without capitalism. For he believes the days of capitalism as we know it are numbered – not to say that it will simply go away. Rather that capitalism is unsustainable and must be changed. Unfortunately, “It is easier for us to imagine the end of the world than it is for us to imagine the end of capitalism.”

The left is stuck with celebrity idiocy like that from Zizek: anti-democracy is discrediting the left, and is a liability to discussion. The questions of revolution, democracy, communism, reformism, are independent components of all discussion. Marx’s authoritarian streak and confusion over rights liberalism led to the monstrosity of the kind of communism we see in Bolshevism, and which Zizek seems to find insprirational. The critique of reformism is clearly strong, but so is the critique of Bolshevik communism.
We need a new formulation of postcapitalism, democratic communism/socialism, and definitions of what we mean. It should be obvious from the Russian revolution that Lenin’s hatred of liberalism and rights democracy resulted in a monstrosity.
Further, the whole bolshevik episode was the last stand of the bourgeoisie who were actually brazen enough to reinvent class economies in bolshevik form. Look at the facts.
(I was just reading about the way Stalin’s influence resulted in the destruction of the Chinese working class organizations via the support given to Chang Kai Shek…)



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