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Atheists and crypto-polytheists, plus cannibal cults of Nietzschean atheists???

November 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment


Despite his confusions (and certain reactionary tendencies) Danielou resolved (or was a spokesman for a tacit understanding of various Indian sages) a number of the riddles of Indian religion (that were actually clearly understood by his generation before the Hindu reactionaries reconfused the issues with the muddle over the Aryan invasions) and its confusing history. One of the issues he raises (cf. the link today on Westernized atheist movements in India) is what seems like an atheist critique of monotheism. But he veils a set of beliefs in what would be castigated as ‘polytheism’. But the point here is that polytheism is not a faith belief system, but a suspicious wariness of the dangers of higher powers within nature, the bane of all religions, which are invaded by demonic confusions. Danielou was contemptuous of monotheism as a late Axial Age pop religion in the wake of the millennia of spiritual depth in India from the Paleolithic/Neolithic onward (it is not clear which). Quite an historical gaze.
The point here is to be clear that many ‘atheists’ are merely non-monotheists, no more. The scale of spiritual being is nonetheless a vastness and a void.

You can see the insight in the (not very good) moview Prometheus where the dangers of the ‘gods’ (and our age should throw in alien X factors) are a Hollywood plot. All the religions have probably been corrupted by this factor. And the New Atheism with its roots in Nietzsche will soon be another cannibal cult of the same cursed brand.
I would defend Xtianity on the grounds that it has often provided unspokent spiritual protection against these invasive chaotifications, but clearly it has been subject to its own versions.

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