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Israelis perps in the 9/11 sagas? Autopilots and poison gas…

November 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment

9/11 The Ultimate Truth [Paperback]
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
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I read this in the kindle version in one sitting at an accelerated pace that skimmed over the last chapters with what I think is a questionable methodology of so-called ‘ponerology’, weakeing the book. But I read it so fast, my judgements of the book are not reliable… Her basic point stands: the psyhcopathic personality is gaining ground as a social group, coming close, via the covert intelligence agencies to full social contro…(? needs careful review)

But I did read the beginning of the text with its important take on the question of the Israelis and 9/11. Very few of the main 9/11 exposes have the nerve to go this far, but, while her case in not properly proven, the issue enters the ‘nervous index’ with a wary feeling many of the critics of 9/11 haven’t finished their analysis. Another valuable take is the simple conclusion, not yet fully proven, that the 9/11 aircraft were remotely controlled by still classified technologies of the autopilot, and that cannisters of poison gas were used to eliminate pilots and passengers prior to crashes: a host of the confusions in this debate would vanish if we could be sure of this. The whole red herring of Arab hijackers is a crock.
Time to summon up the nerve to speak openly of the possible/probable Israeli involvement (and Saudi Arabian covert agencies also, maybe).

There goes your government. The puzzle I am working with is whether Obama understands any of this, or is it a monopoly of hidden factions sucking away at the real government like vampires?:???

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