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Help Wanted: enlightened buddha, ultra far left: communist

December 2nd, 2012 · 3 Comments

The invisible spiritual domain is getting desperate. Look at the situation: the entire political class can’t even discuss global warming.

This link series records a series of garbled noise band intimations I have been getting for over a year. The whale theme is, well, disinfo, charming, but what does it mean?: http://darwiniana.com/2012/09/29/c-beast-and-light-speed/
I never figured out what it meant.I think they were checking me out,…. Or else simply a message link.
We have posted on a potential Xtian ultra left religious communism, but Xtians are too stuck in their confusions here.

I have never considered a similar idea for buddhists, because buddhism is almost defunct, and controlled by reactionaries, and in America the danger is real, after Rajneesh, of assassination and a movement that has nearly done away with enlightenment.
But some mysterious spiritual force is looking for American born ultra radicals very close to enlightenment. You can see the idea emerging in Rajneesh.
American buddhists might start by dropping out of organizational links, going into mega-meditation sessions , (or else the ‘lazy man’s guide to enlightenment method, doing nothing, no rules apply), and a novel, intelligent, non-dogmatic, notion of spiritual communism, social, cultural, or revolutionary political. The Rajneesh commune is a starting idea. But I think what is wanted is a political movement, working with communist, neo-communist cadres. That is to say a revolutionary buddha. Very few people near enlightenment would dare to do that. Needs a spiritually advanced hothead. Tibetan Buddhists will try to stop you,so this is not ‘buddhism’, but the way to a new religion.
We may be out of time for this. Too bad. It needs to happen now. Start to explore the whale theme, and … the moby dick strain…

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