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Are celebrity leftists too well off to show revolutionary leadership? let’s see Chomsky, Wolf, Hedges’, et al… tax returns??

December 27th, 2012 · No Comments

In the middle of a stupendous planetary crisis we are confronted with a strange or muted discourse from celebrity leftists. I am suspicious that such people are hogging the public’s attention, but pulling their punches on key activist questions. This could be unfair, but I find it strange. Let me grant at once that it is more a question of being clear than of passing judgment. In an era of covert agency gigantism, phony wars on terror, and drone assassinations, it is obvious that many leftists, not just celebrities, are afraid, although the US is not yet at the level of countries with their ‘disappeared’. But the problem is that celebrity leftist take up the discussion space, but preempt radical thinking. They obviously have to much to lose here, by speaking with an excess of radicalism.

It might be time to operate from safe houses, or from a place like France where the tradition of revolution has its ultimate ‘nemo’s base’. But the organization of radical movements on the far left need to find a way to talk past the block created by celebrities.

And those celebrities are all silent on the issues of 9/11 conspiracies, which is almost beyond belief at this point. And not just the celebrities. We need a new left. It has been crippled completely and is going nowhere: I suspect that these celebrities don’t really care. An article or book expressing leftist indignation, full stop, is as far as they will go.
IN a way, those who are not celebrities or well off are equally restrained: not without reason, they have no real self-defense, nor would anyone come to their aid if they were repressed by the authorities. Here celebrities can help, because the authorities would be unwilling to mess with them.

Anyway, to all the celebrities on the left, thanks for nothing.

A revolutionary movement needs to start now. It is best led by people with no stake in the system.

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